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A cluster of  coloured houses clinging to the mountainside,
amongst scented lemon orchards and flanboyant flowers 
overlooking harmonious architecture set in
breathtaking natural beauty.

Positano is all this and more…..

It is art, culture, especially with the recent discovery of the
ruins of a Roman villa situated under the “Chiesa Madre”.

It is fashion, with its undisputed creations that have made
the “Positano Moda” famous, and therefore also
the beautiful picturesque town itself.

It offers excellent hospitality that makes the tourist feel
welcome and at ease.

It is events of important calibre, such as the “Leonide Massine
Dancing Award” that is celebrated in September every year
on the beach of the magnificent “Spiaggia Grande”.

It is gastronomy, tradition, folklore,and.....

much much more that awaits discovery.

The Tourist Office Of Positano is located in Via Regina Giovanna 13

Obiettivo Lavoro ATTENZIONE: I termini per la presentazione di partecipazione al bando sono stati prorogati fino al 4 Agosto 2014 alle ore 12:00 Amalfi Coast Sea Kayak


6-14 Settembre 2014
Natale 2014 a Positano
Carnevale 2015 a Positano

Turismo in Salerno, the world in a province!

Positano IS